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Millisecond Technology (MST) is an innovative technology for the inactivation of pathogens,
applicable to medical use as well as
biopharmaceutical and food industries

Biomedical application

Biomedical application

MST method is applicable for aseptic treatment of donor plasma, blood plasma products, physical solutions, biological products, other liquid products including medical products, as well as baby and diet food


Food application

Food application

MST technology key advantage – mild yet reliable pasteurization, long shelf life with preservation of initial beneficial and organoleptic qualities of fresh milk


  • MST technology

    MST technology is a simultaneous combination of two physical impact methods: rapid change in pressure and temperature with the creation of extra pressure which pushes the product through the nozzle into the heated chamber with the resulting pressure drop of 10-15 bar dispersion of the product into droplets.

Advantages of the MST technology

Wide impact spectrum

Pronounced impact of pathogen inactivation on a wide spectrum of potential infectious substances

Physical impact

The reliance on physical methods of treatment precludes the use of chemical reagents and ultra-violet radiation.

Without the use of chemicals or radiation

No need for chemical reagents and radiation allows to significantly reduce the cost of treating biomedical products

Mild impact

MST technology provides for a higher preservation of blood plasma proteins, especially coagulation proteins, which in turn will increase the effectiveness of plasma transfusions

No need for reagents

Further research is likely to demonstrate applicability to other areas of biomedicine and biotechnology industry

Alternative use

MST technology is a Russian developed technology, does not require imported components, its throughput could vary based on customer requirements

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