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Biomedical application

Biomedical applications

Modern advanced healthcare has reached remarkable results. Not so long ago incurable diseases, in particular, cancer of various organs and tissue, with the help of chemical therapy and surgery, including transplant surgery have become curable. Not least the results achieved were made possible through the utilization of the methods of blood components replacement transfusion therapy, which is used in all of the applied procedures.

At the same time the widening use of donor blood components has made even more acute the need for the prevention of transmission of deadly haemo transmissible infections, mainly of virus nature (AIDS, hepatitis B and C). This is why there is some much interest in developing new, more efficient methods of pathogen inactivation of blood components, in particular plasma – the most widely used transfusion medium.

Existing methods for verification and inactivation of blood component’s pathogens, which include screening and selection of donors, quarantining, pasteurization as well as chemical technologies for treating blood cells and plasma, do not eliminate the risk of transfusion of a infected medium. In addition to that existing technologies reduce the effectiveness of the transfused mediums, are expensive, and in the majority of cases are being imported into our country.

MST technology being developed by us envisages a completely different approach to pathogen inactivation. For the first time in medical practice it is based on physically influencing pathogens by two complimentary factors – short period (millisecond) change in pressure and rapid heating of the product in a special chamber. The preliminary lab tests of the MST technology have shown possibility of reducing the pathogen count by 4-6 logs while maintain high level of preservation and activity of the most important blood plasma proteins.

Professor E.A. Selivanov – former director of FGBU “Russian scientific research institute of hematology and transfusiology” of the Russian Ministry of Health, Honored scientist of the Russian Federation, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, WHO expert:

“MST technology has significant potential to be used in production of virus free effective blood products. Russian scientific research institute of hematology and transfusiology is ready to conduct joint research on the effectiveness of MST in complex fracturing of donor plasma for obtaining albumin, immunoglobulins, and other pharmaceutical substances based on the human blood plasma proteins as well as become a scientific consultant of this project” (2012)

Dr. V.M. Gorodezkiy – correspondent member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, recipient of the State award of the Soviet Union, former director of the scientific research institute for blood transfusion, professor:

“Results obtained show a potential for using this method to inactivate pathogens in human blood plasma. It is advisable to conduct further tests on model and live transmittable viruses in the scientific research centers for viruses” (2012)


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