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Millisecond technology (MST) – is an innovative technology for inactivation of pathogens, to be used in medicine as well as biopharmaceutical and food industries

MST technology

MST technology is a combination of two physical methods of treatment: rapid change in pressure and temperature, higher pressure pushes blood plasma through the nozzle into the heated chamber resulting in a pressure drop experienced by plasma of 5-20 bar and its dispersion into droplets with the increase in temperature of the plasma preheated to 5°C - 40°С to 50°C-59°С in millisecond. MST Pharma unit is used for the inactivation of pathogens in blood, blood pharmaceuticals and biological pharmaceuticals.

The MST process works the following way. One of the two starting accumulating vessels is filled with distilled water and the other - with the product, the vessels are then are hermetically sealed and pressure of 5-20 bars is created inside them. Then the product is piped into a pre-heater (a heat exchanger which preheats the product), where it is heated to a required temperature.At the nozzle pressurized product is dispersed into small droplets. The product is then heated in the MST chamber to required temperature, whilst the product temperature increases rapidly by 5°C-40°С. In MST chamber the droplets condense onto the inside walls, forming larger droplets and then streams and then flow through the pipe to cooler. Overall the time spent by the product in the chamber does not exceed 3 seconds. After the cooler the product goes into the finish accumulating vessel.

The data on the treatment regime is registered in the protocol file.

The throughput of the system is in the range of 6-18 liters/hour.

The treatment temperature depends on the working parameters of the unit as set by the operator depending on the product type. It is necessary to mention that the term “treatment temperature” means the average temperature that it had in the MST chamber.

Liquid product undergoing treatment (milk, blood plasma) is being heated to the temperature below which is observed in the currently used pasteurization technologies for food processing. As a result the original physio-chemical characteristics of the product change little, which increases the efficacy of product use, including in the clinical transfusion therapy.

Therefore, the use of MST technology guarantees the extension of the shelf life of the treated products and high efficiency of pathogen inactivation while preserving the natural balance of its composition.


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