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Food and Beverage Applications

Food and Beverage Applications

The first commercial MST machine, with a capacity of 25 tons per hour and designed for integration into dairy HTST plant, is currently being validated at a Midwestern diary. Once validated, the company will achieve its first license deal and the technology will be ready for commercial rollout to the dairy industry.

The company has also developed and tested an MST machine for farm use, where processing takes place close to the source of the initial production. With a capacity of 2 to 9 tons per hour it is applicable to raw milk, coconut water and vegetable juices etc. This machine is integrated into a fully owned model plant located at Purdue University and is readily available for MST treatment testing of clients’ liquid food products.

MSTC has over 50 patents obtained in key major jurisdictions around the world protecting several generations of MST technology.

A summary of the various MST applications tested in the food and beverage industry is attached as a table at the bottom of the document.

Current applications of MST to liquid food products

Current applications of MST to liquid food products

  Milk Juice/Wine material Coconut water
HTST UHT Raw side
Current industry standard Shelf life 14-18 days 180+ days Milk is not treated at farm level other than being chilled, risking significant reduction in quality before reaching pasteuriser Juice pasteurisation damages flavour Significant wastage at collection point. Expensive to transport due to the need to freeze to preserve nutrients
MST benefits Shelf life extension to 45-90+ days allows for direct deliveries to be replaced by warehouse  deliveries saving up to 20 cents/gallon Reduction in treatment temperature, potentially reducing energy costs Improved quality/logistics of milk deliveries to dairies due to shelf life extension of raw milk Fresh taste with long shelf life compared to standard pasteurisation Preserved nutrients, extended shelf life, significant cost reduction due to no need to freeze
MST process Works alongside existing HTST, potentially replaces HTST Works alongside existing UHT equipment MSTs the milk at the farm level Potentially replaces HTST  MST process to replace freezing/ pasteurisation
Where are we now? 25 tons/hour plant installed in a US dairy Technology yet to be made operational Plant at Purdue perfect size to be installed in a farm. Preliminary approval from FDA to place one test unit at a US farm Extensive tests conducted in Moscow/Purdue Preliminary interest from a number of coconut processors
Next steps Complete validation at commercial diary plant MSTC is to install UHT enhancement unit as a next stage in the contract with the US diary When placing a Colostrum unit at a US farm, negotiate a placement of the raw side unit as well Validate in commercial environment, application being tested by customer Execute a placement with coconut processor


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