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About the company

The limited liability company “Millisecond Technologies” (OOO “MST”) was established in 2005 and is a Russian innovating engineering venture company which is developing and implementing innovative MST technology (millisecond treatment technology).

Our company initial focus was researching the applicability of MST technology in food industry, since this technology of low temperature treatment allows for the preservation of the natural qualities of a liquid product while not harming the economics of productions and the same time significantly extending product shelf life.

Starting with 2011 we began developing and researching MST technology biomedical application. The preliminary laboratory analysis, conducted jointly with the Scientific Center for Hemotology of the Russian Ministry of Healthcare have shown the potential of this method for treating pathogens in human blood plasma.

After a few years of research and development of the MST technology we can say with high degree of confidence that the technology allows to pasteurize/sterilize blood plasma with no denaturation of proteins and with higher aseptic/inactivation capability compared to currently used imported chemical methods. TogetherwithourAmerican partner we have conducted test studies for international companies. The results demonstrated that MST represents a new stage in the development of yet more effective methods of pasteurizing and sterilizing liquid biological products.

In 2013 our company became member of the Skolkovo innovation project (biological and medical technologies cluster of the “Skolkovo” Fund)

Today the teams of the OOO “MST” and that of the affiliated American company MSTC (full time staff, consultants and experts) have significant experience in designing, manufacturing and operating of experimental and commercial (food) production units, utilizing MST technology as well as in commercialization of “know-how”, including patenting, marketing, management and attracting external financing.

We have more than a 10 year experience of cooperation and working relations with various applicable scientific organizations in the Russian Federation as well as abroad – scientific research institutes, laboratories, expert centers, as well as leading specialists and scientists in microbiology, virology, blood products, transfusiology as well industrial asepsis and engineering.

Until December 2016 the company was financed entirely through the funds of a group of private investors without any recourse to the state. Starting with 1 December 2016 implementation of the Project “Innovation MST technology for the deactivation of pathogens in blood products, donor blood plasma and biological materials” became a priority for the company.

We welcome everybody who would like to cooperate with us in economic or scientific area. Each one of our Clients is our Partner.


143026, Russian Federation, Moscow
Skolkovo Innovation Center Territory,
7 Nobel Street, office 316.1
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