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International Meeting on Emerging Diseases-

International Meeting on Emerging Diseases

International Meeting on Emerging Diseases and Surveillance. IMED 2016 will take place in Vienna, Austria on November 4-7, 2016.

Novel method of virus inactivation in plasma with millisecond technology. The Ivanovsky Insitute of virology "N.F.Gamaleya FRCEM", Moscow, Russian Federation, Millisecond Technologes, Moscow, Russian Federation

Purpose: The donor's plasma and its products аге used widely and the risk to bе infected with dangerous viruses (hepatitis В virus, HIV, arborviruses) is not а miracle. The inactivation of viruses in plasma is highly complicated task due to the роssible damages of plasma proteins. The objective of the work was to study the efficiency of millisecond technology (MST) to inactivate viruses in media and plasma.

Methods & Materials: Herpes simplex virus, type 1 (HSV), and poliovirus, Sabin strain, type 1аb, were used in the study. The Eagle МЕМ media or donor's plasma was contaminated with virus and was treated in the unit MST "Pharma". The principle of the method : microdroplets (50-150 microns) were treated bу spraying the liquid into the reactor through а nozzle. The microdroplets were treated with low heat/pressure (millisecond) changes of the pressure (Р) and temperature (Т). The samples of the virus contaminated media or plasma were taken before and after the treatment, and were tested in Vero cell culture for the infectious virus.

Results: The Eagle МЕМ media contaminated with HSV (DNA enveloped virus) with the titer up to 4.5 lg TCID 50 was treated in MST device "Pharma". The following conditions were studied: Т-74.2С° -Р=1 О bar, Т-65.0С° Р=11 bar, Т-60.0 С° -Р=11 bar, and Т-54.2С°- Р=12 bar. No infectious virus was detected in all samples taken after the treatment. The same results were obtained with virus contaminated plasma. taken into the study То find out whether the small поп enveloped viruses would bе inactivated with this method poliovirus was studied. Complete inactivation of virus was obtained with initial titer at 4.5 IgTCID50 and at inactivation mode Т=60,90С and Р=12 bar. The minor changes in plasma's proteins were observed.

Conclusion: It was shown that the new approach to inactivate infectious viruses with millisecond technology сап Ье used to inactivate both enveloped and non-enveloped viruses, RNA and DNA-viruses in liquid and in donor's plasma


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